Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Support for Small Business

I am grateful to be both a healthcare professional and an owner of a small business.  This gives me the great blessing and opportunity to care for people and make positive changes in their healthcare and their lives.  I also appreciate how important it is to have a job and to be able to provide for my family and to provide jobs for others who work with me. 

When my grandparents immigrated to America, they embraced the great American Dream, which includes the freedom to choose a job or profession and then excel in it through hard work, education, and innovation.  This is what has made our communities, our state and our nation great. 

When I started at St. Mark’s Hospital over twenty years ago, we had a modest-sized Emergency Department staffed by five full-time physicians.  Since that time, we have grown our physician group to twenty-three physicians and now care for over 40,000 patients annually.  We strive to provide high quality healthcare and great customer service.  These are the same principles that make any small business successful and provide jobs for many. 

I understand the needs of small businesses and their employees.  I have had to make payroll through challenging economic times and find ways to improve efficiency and provide benefits and care for our fellow employees.  Recently, we merged our group with an even larger group so that now we cover nine hospitals along the Wasatch Front and employ over one hundred physicians.  Altogether this group cares for a significant fraction of emergency and hospitalized patients in this area. 

My experience as a small business owner will guide me to support small businesses throughout Utah as your next State Senator for District 8.  I believe in a balanced budget, fiscal responsibility, and efficiency in our government while providing the highest quality services to our citizens. 

I believe that small business is absolutely essential for the success and prosperity of our state and our country.  I am grateful to be a healthcare professional and grateful to our patients and customers for their trust.  As your next State Senator, I commit myself to represent you effectively and to see that your voice is heard in the Capitol.  I commit myself to supporting measures that will assist Utah’s small businesses as they provide jobs for Utahns, the most important issue in this election.

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